Tecar Cet Ret RF 360 Rotating Machine Physical Therapy

Transforming physical therapy with our Tecar Cet Ret RF 360 Rotating Machine. We are a factory dedicated to innovative, effective therapy equipment.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Product Name
Tecar Therapy Physiotherapy Cet Ret
Target Area
Legs/Arms, Body
Plugs Type
Cn, Other, Jp, Us, EU, Au, UK, Za, It
2 Years
Plantar Fasciitis, Tennis Elbow, Achilles Tendonit
Screen Display
Touch Screen
6PCS Monopolar Energy Heads
RF Frequency
Transport Package
Carton/Aluminum Box
50*45*37CM, 15KG
Production Capacity

Product Description

After Sales Service

Tecar Cet Ret RF 360 Rotating Machine Physical Therapy

Product Description

Tecartherapy tecar therapy physiotherapy terapia daltherma aparatos de thermal altherma Thermotherapy machine

Its free to put your business logo on the screen display.

Therapy is a physical therapy that is part of the endogenous thermotherapy, able to significantly reduce recovery and
rehabilitation time by stimulating the activation of all the body's natural repair processes.

All this thanks to the application of radiofrequency current that causes a thermal reaction in the tissues that stimulates the
body's natural healing response with immediate antiinflammatory and analgesic effects on muscles, tendons, cartilage or bones ligaments. The two systems, capacitive and resistive, allow the operator to easily adjust the therapy according to the type of pathology. Capacitive transfer for tissues with high water content (muscles), resistive transfer for tissues with the highest resistance and low water content (bones, tendons, adipose tissues)

Tecar Cet Ret RF 360 Rotating Machine Physical Therapy

Model Number
RF Frequency
Maximum Power
Heads Size
Package Dimension
Package Weight
Home use shock wave therapy machine

What is CET RF ?
Capacitive Electric Transfer (CET) is a method that allows the RF electrical current tobe transferred "by capacity" (principle of the electrical capacitor) to the patient's bodyvia a moveable external application electrode. This is covered with an insulating filmwhich acts as dielectric and the body acts as a second plate of the capacitor. A returnplate closes the circuit. The electric circulation through the resistive medium formedby the live tissues increases its temperature.

What is RET RF ?
The Resistive Electrical Transfer (RET), introduced in 1994, is different from the CETin that basically the application electrode is not insulated, allowing the current to betransferred directly to the patient with less dispersion, thus obtaining an increase intemperature at a greater depth.

What is Therma-s?
Therma-S is intended for therapeutic diathermy to produce deep heating withoutexcessive temperature elevation of the skin surfaceand subcutaneous tissue. Therma-s plus is applied to any part of the human bodywithout pain,muscular contraction or disagreeablesensation of any kind

The cet ret machine is a non-invasive regeneration treatment that ensures obviousresults from the first session. lt uses cutting-edge medical technology and has greatertherapeutic efficiency than any other treatment in the market today. uses high frequencycurrents to raise the internal temperature of human tissue and is particularly effective intreating the causes and effects of:
1.Promote blood circulation and improve metabolism and immunity

2.Regulate endocrine, improve sleep, relieve fatigue

3.Relieves and heals various parts of the body, such as cervical spondylosis, lumbar
spondylosis, frozen shoulder, etc.

4.Facial lift, improve skin tone and slow down facial aging

5.lmprove body size, reduce visceral excess fat, slimming and shaping

6.Restore normal five senses by relaxing muscles and cells

7.Helps with early recovery of ligament sprains, muscle strains, muscle damage, andexercise pain8.Solve the symptoms of body cold, low basal metabolism, cold hands and feet, etc.

Tecar Cet Ret RF 360 Rotating Machine Physical Therapy Tecar Cet Ret RF 360 Rotating Machine Physical Therapy Tecar Cet Ret RF 360 Rotating Machine Physical Therapy

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Tecar Cet Ret RF 360 Rotating Machine Physical Therapy


Tecar Cet Ret RF 360 Rotating Machine Physical Therapy
Tecar Cet Ret RF 360 Rotating Machine Physical Therapy
Tecar Cet Ret RF 360 Rotating Machine Physical Therapy



Q1. What warranty about your machine?
A: Two years warranty for host machine . 6 months free replacement warranty for handpieces, treatment heads, and parts.

Q2: How about the package?
A: Standard export packing with wooden case/aluminum box/strong carton package with foam shape, which can protect machine in good condition.

Q3. Is the cart free in picture?
A: This price not include the cart, you can buy it from our store.

Q4: About instruction and usage?
A: We can provide a complete user manual for instruction and application, we also can provide you online training. And 24/7 online consultant service ensure you whatever problem and whenever you meet, you can solve it easily.

Q5: About Customization?
A: If customer have any needs of customization or OEM service, please contact our staff for more information. For appearence change, like Logo, operating system background, outlook adding, language.

Q6: Do you have any timely technology supports?
A: Professional technology supporting team will help you to solve the after sales problem. Also any questions you can contact us any time.

Q7: What other extra device this machine work with?
A: Please use solution when do treatment.

Packaging & Shipping


Tecar Cet Ret RF 360 Rotating Machine Physical Therapy

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