Ce Approved Physical Therapy Equipments Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment Eswt Shockwave

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
BS-SWT5000 Shockwave ESWT machine
Product Name
Shock Wave Therapy Machine
Shockwave Therapy
Physiotherapy Shockwave Equipment Uses
Physiotherapy Shockwave for Sports Injury
Key Words
Physiotherapy Shockwave Machine
Eswt Color
Grey Color Shock Wave Therapy Machine
Rehabilitation Centre, Hospital, Clinic
Shockwave Function
Reduce Pain/Recover Sport Injury
Shockwave Type
Portable Radial Shockwave
Ce Approved
Shockwave Therapy Machines Energy
1-5 Bars Max 185mj
Transport Package
Individual Packing
Shockwave Therapy Machine
Production Capacity

Product Description

Physical Therapy Equipments  Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment ESWT Shockwave 

Model:SmartWave BS-SWT5000
Ce Approved Physical Therapy Equipments Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment Eswt Shockwave

About Physical Therapy Equipments  Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment ESWT Shockwave 

SmartWave BS-SWT5000 adopts extracorporal shockwave therapy (ESWT), which is a method for the treatment of superficial orthopedic disorders developed over the past 20 years. The extreme method of using bundled sound waves with high intensity was selected because the mechanical/acoustic waves of force can be focused at a defined point with a parabolic reflector to ensure that stress limits are not exceeded in the remaining tissue. The penetrating depth can reach 0 - 60mm. 
Shockwave, also known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, is an internationally established method of treating pain and inflammation through stimulating tissue repair.
Employing high energy acoustic waves, shockwave induces new blood vessel growth and tissue regeneration, thereby treating many pain conditions.

Although introduced to Singapore for well over a decade as one of the best treatment options available for pain relief, its use has up till recently been limited by the small number of doctors offering this option.

Treatment with earlier generation shockwave machines were also quite painful, usually requiring local anesthesia.

They were also very costly devices resulting in expensive treatments, which not many patients could afford.

Fortunately medical technology research in recent years has resulted in new devices which provide much more comfortable treatments and no longer require any local anesthesia injections.

They have also dramatically brought down treatment costs and made shockwave very affordable to patients with pain.
Ce Approved Physical Therapy Equipments Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment Eswt Shockwave

The sources of shockwave generation include electrohydraulic, electromagnetic and piezoelectric principles. Electrohydraulic shockwaves are high-energy acoustic waves generated under water explosion with high voltage electrode. Shockwave in urology (lithotripsy) is primarily used to disintegrate urolithiasis, whereas shockwave in orthopedics (orthotripsy) is not used to disintegrate tissues, rather to induce tissue repair and regeneration. The application of extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) in musculoskeletal disorders has been around for more than a decade and is primarily used in the treatment of sports related over-use tendinopathies such as proximal plantar fasciitis of the heel, lateral epicondylitis of the elbow, calcific or non-calcific tendonitis of the shoulder and patellar tendinopathy etc. The success rate ranged from 65% to 91%, and the complications were low and negligible. ESWT is also utilized in the treatment of non-union of long bone fracture, avascular necrosis of femoral head, chronic diabetic and non-diabetic ulcers and ischemic heart disease. The vast majority of the published papers showed positive and beneficial effects. FDA (USA) first approved ESWT for the treatment of proximal plantar fasciitis in 2000 and lateral epicondylitis in 2002. ESWT is a novel non-invasive therapeutic modality without surgery or surgical risks, and the clinical application of ESWT steadily increases over the years. This article reviews the current status of ESWT in musculoskeletal disorders.
Ce Approved Physical Therapy Equipments Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment Eswt Shockwave

Mechanism of eswt shockwave machine pain relief device shockwave therapy

The mechanism of shockwave therapy is not fully understood. The most important physical parameters of shockwave therapy for the treatment of orthopedic disorders include the pressure distribution, energy flux density and the total acoustic energy. In contrast to lithotripsy in which shockwaves disintegrate renal stones, orthopedic shockwaves are not being used to disintegrate tissue, but rather to microscopically cause interstitial and extracellular responses leading to tissue regeneration
Ce Approved Physical Therapy Equipments Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment Eswt Shockwave

Ce Approved Physical Therapy Equipments Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment Eswt Shockwave

What type of conditions can be treated with Shock Wave Therapy?

Shock wave treatment can successfully address acute and chronic issues as:

Knee Pain
Break up Calcifications
Enhanced blood vessel formation
Enhancement of Trigger point injection therapy
Collagen stimulation and cellular recovery
New blood vessel formation
Achilles tendonitis and shoulder tendonitis
Achilles tendinopathy
Chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain (myofasical pain syndrome)
Heel pain/heel spur (Plantar fasciitis)
Tennis/Golfer's elbow (radial/ulnar humeral epicondylitis)
Jumper's knee (Patellar tendonitis)
Muscle tension caused by painful muscular nodules (Trigger points)
Shoulder pain, shoulder calcifications (Calcific Rotator Cuff Tendonitis)
Achilles tendon pain (achillodynia)
Shin pain (Tibial stress syndrome)
Hip joint pressure pain (greater trochanter pain)
Bursitis (most joints)
Stress fractures
Mortons Neuroma
Scar Tissue Treatment (Helps to reduce chronic pain from damaged connective tissue)
Hallux Rigidus
Lymphatic drainage
Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ)
Heel Pain
Foot Pain
Ankle Pain
Plantar fasciitis
Hamstring Pain
Back Pain
Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Elbow Pain
Wrist Pain
Hand Pain
Ce Approved Physical Therapy Equipments Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment Eswt Shockwave

Ce Approved Physical Therapy Equipments Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment Eswt Shockwave

Key Parameters of Physical Therapy Equipments  Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment ESWT Shockwave 
Model Smartwave BS-SWT5000
Therapeutic penetration depth 45mm
Effects Skin/Muscle
Energy 10 mJ - 190mJ (0.5Bar to 5Bar)
Frequency 1 - 22Hz, Stepping at 1 HZ
Acoustic wave applicator  Supports 2+ million shots
Transmitter 6 pcs alloy made heads for different applications
Encyclopedia Live Help with pre-set parameters
Treatment Protocols 38 preset protocols, support ED protocol
Function Erectile dysfunction, Peyronie's disease, Pain relief
Type LI ESWT shock wave
Multi-language Yes
Voltage 110V-240V
Ce Approved Physical Therapy Equipments Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment Eswt Shockwave

How long does this treatment take?
Treatment sessions take approximately 15 minutes per site and vary slightly depending on the site to be treated. Generally 3 treatment sessions are necessary and are performed on a weekly interval. If you are improving, but not completely better; up to 5 treatments can be performed.

What conditions can be treated with EPAT Shockwave Therapy Machine Treatment?
EPAT can be used to treat many painful soft tissue injuries. Including: plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, tendon insertional pain, acute and chronic muscle pain, and myofascial trigger points.

What are the results of this EPAT Shockwave Therapy Machine Treatment?
After EPAT Shockwave Therapy Machine Treatment, some patients may experience immediate pain relief, while for others it may take up to four weeks before significant relief is felt. Over 80 percent of patients treated report to be pain free and/or have significant pain reduction.

Is it safe?
Yes. This FDA approved technology was developed in Europe and is currently used around the globe. A wealth of medical experience, state-of-the-art engineering and optimal quality have been built into each EPAT device, and extensive studies and tests have confirmed its safety and efficacy.

Is EPAT Shockwave Therapy Machine Treatment safe for pregnant patients?
EPAT is a safe treatment, but has never been tested on pregnant patients. Patients are advised to wait at least 3 months post partum before treatment, as many foot pains subside after weight loss and hormonal equilibrium is reached.

What are the expected results?
Most people will experience pain relief after 3 treatments. Some patients report immediate pain relief after the first treatment, but maximum relief can take up to four weeks after the last treatment to begin. Over 80% of patients treated report to be pain free or have significant pain reduction.

Are there any special aftercare instructions?
All patients receiving EPAT therapy Shockwave Therapy Machine Treatment should be off all anti-inflammatory medication for a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the procedure and 4 weeks after. This includes common over the counter medication such as, ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil), naproxen (Aleve) and aspirin. Your doctor will provide you with detailed after care instructions.

What are the possible side-effects or complications?
EPAT Shockwave Therapy Machine Treatment is a non-invasive treatment and has virtually no risks or side effects. In some cases patients may experience some minor discomfort which may continue for a few days. On rare occasion, the skin may become bruised or red after the treatment.

Who should not have EPAT Shockwave Therapy Machine Treatment?
EPAT should not be used in people who have deep venous thrombosis or malignancy. It is also best to avoid the procedure if you are taking blood thinners.

Why consider EPAT Shockwave Therapy Machine Treatment?
EPAT has a proven success rate equal to or better than traditional treatment methods (including surgery) without the risks or lengthy recovery time. It is performed in your physician's office without the need for anesthesia.

Is EPAT Shockwave Therapy Machine Treatment covered by insurance?
No, unfortunately insurance companies do not pay for EPAT, though the cost of EPAT can often be reimbursed from a qualified health savings account or flexible spending account. Non-covered services and/or procedures without billable terminology are paid to the office by the patient at the time of service; a claim will not be submitted to the insurance, though our office can provide receipts for reimbursement accounts to consider.

FAQ about Business

Q1. Is it a reliable company?
Lumsail reply: Lumsail Medical and Beauty Equipment Co., Ltd. is established in 2009, engaged in R&D, sales and after-sales services of aesthetic devices & medical laser equipments. Lumsail factory covers 6500M2 and has more than 100 employees. All provide Lumsail is a reliable manufacturer and supplier. 
Q2: What about the delivery?
Lumsail reply: We can offer the door to door services by air or by sea just depend on your actual request. Such as DHL, UPS, TNT, FEDEX… by air; and the sea transportations.
Q3: What's the delivery time?
Lumsail reply: 2-5 Days.
Q4: What's package?
Lumsail reply: Strong and beautiful aluminum alloy case/carton case/wooden case.
Q5: Do you have any timely technology supports?
Lumsail reply: We have a professional technology supporting team for your timely services. We prepare the technical documents for you, also you can contact us by telephone, webcam, online chat 
Q6: What's the payment method?
Lumsail reply: T/T, WESTERN UNION, PAYPAL…
Q7: If the machines broken during the shipment, will you support us?
Lumsail reply: Generally our customer will purchase the insurance before shipment, avoid any money lost from rough transportation. Lumsail will help you to solve the claims with the insurance companies to collect your money back in time.
Q8: Do you take part in the world exhibition every year ?
 Lumsail Reply : Yes, we took part in world-renowned exhibitions each year from 2011, such as hold in Moscow, Italy, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Hong Kong etc…
Our company is established in 2009 and located in Shanghai, China. We are one of the professional manufacturers of Q-switch nd:Yag Laser, IPL, Radiofrquency beauty machine, E-Light IPL+RF, All-in-one Laser platform, Diode Laser 808nm Hair Removal, Long Pulse ND YAG laser, Vacuum Slimming System, CO2 Fractional Laser, LED PDT skin care beauty equipment, etc. 
We cooperate with customers from the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions and enjoy a high among from them.

We have experience in cooperating with more than 5,000 chain stores of beauty salons, taking advantages of our R&D team, supplying effective beauty machines which are customers-oriented.

We can supply OEM&ODM services and also offer 2 years' quality warranty and technical support forever.
We would like more customers to be our distributors. 
We will ensure good customer service, creating more profits for customers and making win-win cooperation.

Warmly welcome you to visit our company and our factory to check the production line and quality. 
Ce Approved Physical Therapy Equipments Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment Eswt Shockwave

Ce Approved Physical Therapy Equipments Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment Eswt Shockwave

Ce Approved Physical Therapy Equipments Shockwave Machine for Pain Treatment Eswt Shockwave


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