Rehabilitation Electric Shock Wave Therapy Device Shockwave EMS Machine

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
1 Year
11 PCS
5 to 200 Mj
Shockwave Therapy
Transport Package
Air Box
Production Capacity

Product Description

Focused shock waves are transient acoustic waves that have the unique ability to transmit high energy to painful spots of the myoskeletal system. As it allows for adjustable penetration depth with constant large intensity, the therapy is suitable for both superficial and deep-lying tissues.

Shock waves cause cell stimulation and growthing factor release that result in tissue regeneration. Therapy provokes reparation processes in tendons and bones and achieves below medical effects.

Why have Shockwave Therapy in your practice?

It is a tool for treating chronic pain with a long list of clinical evidence demonstrating high success rates for patients. In addition, your patients will need a low number of treatments that take no more than 10 minutes.

I am a physiotherapist, what is the best shock wave for me?
As a physiotherapist, you are likely to deal with functional disorders and muscle imbalances that result from tendinopathies or calcifications.

A radial shock wave will cause strong mechanical stimulation and release the cycle of pain and muscle stiffness. In addition, you will appreciate the combination of static and dynamic applications not only in the affected area but also in the surrounding tissues.

I am an orthopaedist, can I combine both shockwave technologies?
You as an orthopaedist usually focus on structural problems and treat the disorder locally. You also know best how deep the damaged tissue is.

This gives you the unique ability to combine both shockwave technologies based on the depth of the damaged tissue. A Focused Shockwave is a versatile tool, while a Radial Shockwave can be used for less severe conditions and superficial tissue.

Product Description
Focused extracorporeal shock wave therapy-Model EWST-B
Extracorporeal shock waves have been used successfully in the treatment of chronic pain since the early '90s. Extracorporeal shock wave the- rapy (ESWT) and trigger point shock wave therapy (TPST) are highly efficient, non- surgical treatments for chronic pain in the musculoskeletal system. The ESWT-B offers a significant expansion of the range of applications for myofascial pain syn- drome. The extracorporeal, focused shock wave allows precise diagnosis and therapy of active and latent trigger points. Trigger points are thickened, pain-sensitive points within a usually tense muscle. They can cause a variety of pains - even well away from their own location.

Rehabilitation Electric Shock Wave Therapy Device Shockwave EMS Machine
The medical effect:
1.New Blood Vessel Formation

Nutrient blood flow is necessary to start and maintain the repair processes of damaged tissue structure. The application of acoustic waves creates capillary microruptures in tendon and bone. Due to microruptures the expression of growth factors such as eNOS, VEGF, PCNS and BMP is significantly increased.

As a result of these processes arterioles are remodeled, stimulated to grow and new ones are formed. The new blood vessels improve blood supply and oxygenation of the treated area and support faster healing of both the tendon and the bone. 

2. Reversal of Chronic Inflammation
Chronic inflammation occurs when the inflammatory response is not completely halted. It can damage healthy tissue and results in chronic pain. Mast cells are one of the key components of the inflammatory process. Their activity may be increased by using pervasive acoustic waves.

Mast cell activation is followed by the production of chemokines and cytokines. These pro-inflammatory compounds first enhance the inflammatory process and in the next step help restore normal healing and regenerative processes.

3. Stimulation of Collagen Production
The production of a sufficient amount of collagen is a necessary precondition for the repair processes of the damaged myoskeletal and ligamentous structures. Shockwave therapy accelerates procollagen synthesis. The therapy forces the newly created collagen fibers into a longitudinal structure which makes the newly formed tendon fibers more dense and stiff and creates a firmer structure.  

4. Dissolution of Calcified Fibroblasts
Calcium build-up is most often a result of micro-tears or other trauma to a tendon. Acoustic waves break up the existing calcifications. Shockwave therapy starts the biochemical decalcification of the calcium build-up of a toothpaste-like consistency and treats the tendon. The granular particles of calcium are then removed by the lymphatic system.

5. Release of Trigger Points
Trigger points are the principal cause of pain in the back, neck, shoulder and limbs. They are associated with palpable nodules in taut bands of muscle fibers and have extremely contracted sarcomeres. The dysfunctional sarcomeres contract so tightly that they begin to cut off their own blood supply. This causes the waste products to build up. Waste product build-up irritates the sensory nerve endings which then causes even more contraction. This vicious cycle is referred to as "metabolic crisis". The assumed mechanism of action is that the delivered acoustic energy unblocks the calcium pump and thus reverses the metabolic crisis in the myofilaments and releases the trigger points.



Treatment therapy

What are EMS and Shockwave?

EMS "Electrical Muscle Stimulation" is an internationally accepted and proven way of treating muscular injuries. It works by sending electronic pulses to the muscle needing treatment; this causes the muscle to exercise passively. When the muscle receives this signal, it contracts as if the brain has sent the signal itself. As the signal strength increases, the muscle flexes as in physical exercise. Then when the pulse ceases, the muscle relaxes and the cycle starts over again, (Stimulation, Contraction and Relaxation.)
Rehabilitation Electric Shock Wave Therapy Device Shockwave EMS Machine
SHOCKWAVE is aimed at the affected areas that are the source of chronic pain. The influence of the shockwaves causes to the dissolution of calcium deposits and leads to better vascularization. The after-effect is relief from the pain.
Rehabilitation Electric Shock Wave Therapy Device Shockwave EMS Machine

Why combine these two functions?

Rehabilitation Electric Shock Wave Therapy Device Shockwave EMS Machine
1. Combine deep stimulation (shock wave)      
Superficial simulation (EMS)

2. Cover all body parts       Bone area (shock wave)      
Muscle area (EMS)

Why use self vacuum cup?

Rehabilitation Electric Shock Wave Therapy Device Shockwave EMS Machine
1. Reusable
2. Non bandage
3. Functional product input
4. Hand free, working together with shock wave



The EWST-B is a compact and extremely mobile ESWT unit for individual therapy options:

1. Epicondylitis  humeri  radialis  and ulnaris
2. Jumper's knee
3. Plantar fasciitis with heel spurs
4. Tendinosis calcarea
5. Impingement syndrome
6. Pseudoarthrosis

Rehabilitation Electric Shock Wave Therapy Device Shockwave EMS Machine
ED therapy protocol (We offer special parameters)
Most men suffering from erectile dysfunction have vascular problems affecting the vessels that supply blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis, resulting in a decreased ability to develop and maintain an erection. The end result is an inadequate blood-flow followed by premature draining of an already reduced amount of blood from the cavernous bodies, meaning an erection is not achieved. Shockwave Therapy for ED of this type can be a highly effective treatment.


Shockwave for Cellulite Reduction
Shockwave is a safe,non-invasive, FDA approved form of treatment for the reduction of cellulite and other imporved body benefits.Various parts of the body can be treated effectively. 
Rehabilitation Electric Shock Wave Therapy Device Shockwave EMS Machine


Muscle growthing strength training post-exercise recovery  

EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) is a machine that delivers a stimulating pulse to your muscles.

EMS builds and grows muscles by causing this contraction. When the muscle is tightened it is performing work, and this causes lactic acid to eventually enter the muscle,this can lead to faster muscle growthing.
Rehabilitation Electric Shock Wave Therapy Device Shockwave EMS Machine





Product Parameters



100-220v ,60hz

Power consumption


Max electric


Max shock wave




Net Weight



10.4 Inch color touch screen


Company Profile

Rehabilitation Electric Shock Wave Therapy Device Shockwave EMS Machine

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